New Age Men’s Fashion

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There are various online portal is available when it comes the concept for the fashion of men. The best thing about these online business houses is that they do business on a proactive manner. They know what people will need after 6 months or so. So, they decide the trend for the future. They also know what people don’t want and they don’t offer it! Once I was very much confused about my dressing. People used to call me that I am out of fashion or I don’t know how to dress. To prove those people wrong, I went to many fashion houses that have expertise knowledge on this particular matter.

Choose the best one

My first criteria was that how to impress my office colleagues because they were my biggest critique in terms of fashion! So, I went to them in order to find a guide or teacher who can suggest me how to dress and most importantly how to impress other. Mr. Porter is a famous name in it. This particular designer comes with new ideas on a regular basis. He is the master mind who introduced many mind blogging dresses especially for men.

Go for Italian style

This designer once told me that a man should posse’s 15 items in his wardrobe – six suits, a blazer, and four trousers without any doubt. This collection is known as a modern man’s wardrobe. The best thing about his service he focuses on the basics things and also told me to focus on the basics. And, he also said that it is very important to know what you wear from Monday to Saturday. If you are a corporate honcho then trimmed suits with a Savile Row-style fit. However, they also focus on contemporary cut by way of armholes, short size jackets, and both have formal roped for shoulder and as well as shorter shoulder in it. He advised to follow traditional Italian style more and more.

Be classic and timeless

The suit that comes in tropical wool with an open weave is acceptable due to its versatility for various seasonal wear. You should also check that the tailoring should come in a classic navy and gray style. You also need to verify about the cobalt, and subtly checkered style statement in order to get accustomed with the advance dresses. Never wear anything that is gimmicky in nature. Barring him, many other fashion designers also focuses on the basics of dresses. It’s about looking classic and timeless.

If you are a dilemma

Many think that it is better to use fabrics when you are deciding to buy anything for casual. A fabric is not only beautiful and classy but it also wicks moisture, it can be dried up quickly, and many more other facilities. For example Blackman 2.0 style is perfectly made for those who like to dress every day. It is a classic white dress with slim fit and the best part is that it will show any kind of sweat on your body. So, go for it, if you are in a dilemma.


Choose Your Dress And You Will Find Her On Your Arms

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Ah, it’s been very common scenario for all of you that what to wear and what not to wear before going for a date. I know how unnerving scenario that would be. Like every man, I also felt the “pressure” before going for my first date. I was in a huge dilemma, whether to impress her or make myself comfortable. I asked one of my friends and he replied that both are important. And, its make more confused. I was really in a deep trouble. Then, I called up one of my girl friends to sort out this problem and she gave the vaguest answer. She said don’t dare to think about “what she will be wearing?” And, above everything it was Valentine’s Day. So, I was lacking confidence with low self-esteem before first date on Valentine’s Day.

Important factors

However, at the end, I figured out what to wear and believe me my girl really liked the outfit. She really appreciated my attire. So, I am here for you guys to help you out, if you are planning to go out for a date and you don’t know what to wear. However, I like to clarify one thing that I am not a fashion designer and you may disagree with my views. But, the important thing is that you should look good and presentable on your first date.

Dress for the V-Day

The first advice is I like to give you that don’t try everything. After reading this article if you still feel that you are not satisfied then you can take some professional help also. If you are aware about the place and already know how and what to wear then go with your intuition or gut. You don’t need to follow any advice. Before going for an event if you ever feel “I don’t want to wear it” then don’t wear it. And, when it comes to a dress for a date on the Valentine’s Day then you should make sure that you need to wear what makes you comfortable. You also need to ensure that you shouldn’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, because it will make you look callous and dumb also. It is advisable not to wear anything that is outlandish, attention grabbing and also outrageous. Your simple but classic manner will glorify your dress. Remember one thing; you are a man that’s wearing the clothes, not the other thing. And, for that special day, you need not get overdressed and flaunt her.

Choose your formal dress

However, if you are planning to go for a formal event then it is better to follow the dress code if any. If there is no dress code then it is advisable to wear a suit at least. If you have a tuxedo then it would be an icing on the cake. It is better to trust your navy suit (an item should everyman have in their closet) and pair it with a closed front French cuff white shirt. This is considering as one of the full proof formal dress.


Men’s Fashion During Summer Time

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As summer is approaching very fast and our concern about the attire is also increasing day by day. Fashion, especially for men, has become a very burning topic in recent years. Once the word “fashion” was attached with female fraternity but now it has able to stretched its arm and reached to the every corner of men closets. During summer our prima facie intention is to wear light and clothes made of cotton. So, it is understandable that you are going to spend lot of times at the shop in order to make you comfortable and as well as fashionable during summer time. Even retailers are ready to unbox their stuffs from the attic. So, whether you are agreeing with the fact or not, you are going to spend a hefty amount of cash in this season. However, my concern is that you need to spend your money in such a way that it will make you look good and also fancy.

Mind the mercury

If you are going for a date and you have done your booking in advance then you have enough time to select your dress for that particular event. If you are planning to heading towards fancy restaurants then it is advisable to wear a suit, if the mercury is under the control. A suit can show the importance of that particular night. However, if it is too hot outside then it is advisable to wear loosen up tee shirts; you can also skip the belt. The most important part of dressing is that you need to feel comfortable what you are wearing.

For casual meetings

On the contrary, if you are planning go out for a drink and then a night out, then you can dress whatever you want to because it depends on where you are planning to heading. A simple shirt with stripes, a colorful pocket and brown loafers will do it. Nowadays, many guys opt for jeans, tee shirts, and even jumper before going for a dinner or drink. And, you don’t need to worry; she will notice, believe me!

Make yourself comfortable

On the other hand, if you are planning to go watch a movie then it will be very easier for you to choose a dress. And, the main reason behind this is that the movie will be on her mind, not your dress. So, you can wear any casual dress also. Tee shirt with denim jeans is the ideal combination for this kind of outings. Last but not the least, one thing you should always remember that you need to be very much mindful about where you are going and with whom. Without any doubt, you don’t want to spend half of your time at the men’s toilet or scratching your balls. And, if you do that then it will certainly bleak your image in front of your partner or whom you are accompanying. Your confidence will make your dress attractive and this will help you to grab the attention of the girls.